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Hello World,

To begin, my name is “Gardy”, but I am known as “Prince”.  I am placing an ad in hopes of meeting a friend who is committed to their commitments, cultured worldly, dedicated and insistent; a woman who is intelligent, beautiful, motivated and dutiful with no games - just 100% real.

Personality wise, I’m a poet at heart and a warrior in mind; which is to say that I am not afraid to feel passionate about some things nor am I intimidated by the obstacles that life often places in my way.  I am a young man who has been in prison for 16 years. 

During my incarceration I acquired my GED and completed numerous academic programs.  In addition, I am proud and excited to share with the world that recently I was admitted into “BPI” (Bard Prisoner Initiative).  I am pursuing a higher learning/education through Bard College for my Associates Degree and will continue to further my education for a Bachelor’s Degree.  I am going to be honest, this level of education is not easy (smiling).  It is a challenge for me, but a challenge I am meeting head on!  Due to the help of my professors of my classmates, my mind will be opened to new ways of thinking.  I do not profess to be that perfect student, but I am going to strive every day to be a good one.  Through my affiliation with Bard College, I will be the best of my cohorts!

Am I asking too much for someone I wish to know?  For only she can grasp all my attention, capture my mind, and have me proudly call her my friend.  So, who dares to see life through my eyes?  However, here is the caveat, you might be sucked in.  (Smile)

Patiently waiting,