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Not really quite sure how this works.   Heard it's a good opportunity to meet and gain new friends, so I'm trying it out.   For those of you that are reading this; do not let my time define my character, because I'm not a bad person at all.

I like to laugh, smile, and be goofy…..do things in life that can lift a person's spirits.   I'm pretty sure people have a lot of things they wish they could get off their chest, but can't because they feel like they don't have a friend they can express themselves to.   I'm trying to be that person for those who need an ear when they have problems.   I also need an ear at times too.

I do have a long road ahead of me, I plan to make the best of it!   A fact about myself.   My passion in life is music.  I also write music myself.    Wish I could show my talent to those of you who would like to hear an amazing voice.

I'm 26 years old.  I'm from a little town called Wichita Falls, Texas.   How about you?   where are you from?    Hopefully I'll find someone that can keep me updated with things that are going on in the world; such as new TV shows, movies, books, etc.

I like a person who knows how to have a good conversation, a person that I could bond with, someone I could play around with, flirt, laugh, or just have a good conversation with from time to time.  I'm pretty sure I'm not asking for too much.   Hopefully I'll meet some interesting people.  

Until then, I'll be here waiting.