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Have you seen enough shirtless pics and puffed up, prideful poses with macho mean mugs included or been catfished enough by hundreds of words regaling you with how wonderful a man they are or just straight fumbling their words? Not saying anything? Yeah, I know what other profiles look like. I’d like to offer you something different – I want to keep it real with you. This may not get as many responses, but I don’t do fake.

Letters provide me with a way to express feelings I’d otherwise bottle up. If I’m fake, I’m expressing false feelings. To be a healthy man in this unhealthy environment, I need to open myself up, sharing something that’s a part of me that needs to be freed. Left chained and pushed deep down, emotions can do nothing but harm, with them unshackled…they could help others.

I’ve been in here most of my adult life due to not having the emotional maturity to cope with what I was experiencing early on. The normal diversions from misery didn't alleviate my pain. Thoughts of suicide called out, which I couldn’t bring myself to answer. Instead, I took a man’s life because I hated my own and everything I was. Pain led me to the cliff’s edge, yet I refused to let it define my existence by surrendering to that last step into oblivion. No, rather I sprout wings, flying into the sun like a modern-day Icarus touching the clouds before I go. Now I’m able to look in the mirror and own it all, knowing tomorrow I’ll rise above.

While my poems might lead someone to think otherwise, I’m single. Like most Pisces, I feel things deeply and discovered this when I write my best poems – letting the motions of that moment flow through the tip of my pen. I was born and raised in Texas, not a fan of the place…not down with racism and misogyny. I’m too open-minded and non-judgmental for that, so the “barefoot and pregnant”.

I enjoy horror novels and movies (Most of my tattoos are horror themed.), traveling, comics (Read The Walking Dead before the show), and working out (I did the Keto diet for two years). I can’t play in here, but I like video games. RPG, like Final Fantasy, are my favorites. I also love cats; they have awesome attitudes. Having a Savannah cat when I’m free is a dream of mine. Yeah, I’m a nerd! HAHA! Similar views/hobbies? Write me!

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