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Do you believe it?  I do, and living with men for the past 20 years, I know from experience.  I was even one.  It took me coming here to emotionally & mentally realizing that pent up feelings over a messy divorce caused me to lash out at life.  I had to change and begin to see the value of acknowledging and sharing my emotions.

This led me to writing, because prison isn't the place to be opening up yourself in any way.  Maybe because I'm a Pisces, I feel deeply and even discovered a love of writing poetry.  I feel like life is all about the journey, which is made up of personal growth: physically, mentally and emotionally.

I've made plenty of mistakes that I own and learned from, yet I refuse to be nothing more than the sum of those mistakes.  Actually, all those mistakes and our work on ourselves provides us with the necessary ingredients for us to emerge as what we were meant to become.

Even though I'm from a conservative state, I'm open minded and the least judgmental person you'll meet.  I feel like we get one shot at this life, so do what makes you happy, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. 

I enjoy horror novels and movies (most of my tats are horror themed), traveling, comics and working out (I did the Keto diet for 2 years).   Being from Texas, I'm also an outdoors man, plus I'm a cat person.  I'd love to have a Savannah someday.

Thank you very much for looking beyond my past mistakes and giving the present man a chance at your friendship.  Many people aren't as open minded as that. 

Hope to hear from you soon, and if you use Jpay, please include your address.