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Hello! My desire is to meet individuals willing to share their experiences, cultures, hopes, dreams and fears with me. I’m open minded – age, race, class and gender are issues of mind over matter…If we don’t mind, it shouldn’t matter. My hope is to gain your positive support and infinite friendship. What are you seeking?! A man with no filters?! A man without coquetry or wariness?! I was never taught the true spiritual essence of masculinity. I’m seeking the insight and skills I need to use the energy of emotions to move beyond painful, negative feelings such as rage, shame, fear and anger to authenticity and strength.

What power tools do you use to transform your frustrations and failures in love, life and work into opportunities to claim your true potential and purpose?!

My personal interests include: reading, writing, sports, cross-fit exercises, fishing, bowling, camping, gaming, traveling, shopping, cooking, wine, microbrews, music, live performances, social networking, live streaming, movies, beaches, bonfires, tattoos, puzzles, karaoke, world religions, astrology, volunteering, community activism and sharing my time with friends and family. BTW…did I mention strip clubs and casinos?! LOL

If you download the JPAY app via Jpay.com, create an account and add me to your JPAY contacts by using my name and inmate number in Nebraska, that will give me access to communicate with you on the internet. Or please don’t hesitate using one of the other options to contact me. TTYL

Light, life, love!