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Akin to strolling the beach and seeing a seashell that stands out, curiously, you pick it up and so the discovery begins…

Hi, I’m Demond and I like beautiful things. Does that make me shallow? Consider this, I studies Psychology for several years. Something I learned is  that attractive people have a lot of internal struggle and are often ridiculed and their confidence is confused for conceit.

Growing up I wasn’t accepted because of my appearance. Consequently, I didn’t accept myself. When I began to love myself, I began to see myself. Just as then, I don’t want to be judged by how I look. Find out about me, someone who loves to smile and laugh, cares about the well being of others. Realizing my qualities helped me recognize the qualities of a good relationship. No relationship, friendship or otherwise should be a burden. It should be a comfort, something to look forward to.

Sometimes we don’t know our worth and live by the opinion of others rather than believing in ourselves and striving for true potential. Sometimes we don’t recognize the potential until someone helps us recognize it. I want to be that someone; to help you be the best you can be. I want to see your inner beauty; what a picture doesn’t capture.

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Now that discovery has been made, the adventure begins!