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I’ve grown in life tremendously due to my incarceration. In spite of being away from everyone I love, I’ve stayed strong understanding everything happens for a reason, we have to search for purpose. This is a minor setback for a major comeback! Regardless of enduring hardships, I remain strong, positive and keep faith. Circumstances like mine can break a man if he’s weak spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m stronger and wiser than ever! Although at times I feel something’s missing, opportunities could arise out of meeting loyal people, from building “solid” foundation and “pure” friendships. So, I’ve decided to step outside of my circumference and try something new. Change can be a good thing, right? I’m willing to see, how bout you? Maybe we could share some laughs, exchange knowledge, great conversation, encourage, motivate etc.???

In hopes with someone down to earth, driven, intelligent, outgoing, respectful and beautiful inside who loves to laugh, live life and have fun. I’m authentic, humorous, respectful, great listener and if looks matter? I’m handsome enough, I think LOL. You be the judge? Tag, you’re it! Smile and let’s not pass up a great opportunity sweetheart. They say, “Don’t knock it until you try it”! My Facebook is Mike Sloc (out of Columbus, Ohio) and my Instagram is Jus1blaze for better appearances! Our “only” communication is letters through the mail currently. By the way, my name is Michael but you can call me Blaze – Take care -