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I could really use some support right now.

I am from Southern California and currently in a fight for my freedom.  I went to BPH in 2018 and was found suitable for parole.  However, California’s new governor had some concerns and made them known to the board.  This means I must go to a rescission hearing sometime before July of 2019.  This whole process is stressful.

So, I thought I would reach out to the world through social media with the hopes of meeting some new people.  It is always comforting when I connect and meet new people, specifically people outside of prison.

I have lived a rough life and have changed a lot of things, but I have not changed my desire to have fun and laugh.  My philosophy has been to keep things simple and remain lighthearted.  This has gotten me through a lot of dark times.  I still have a lot to learn especially having over 20 years in jails and prisons.  I can survive in here, but know the real challenge will be when I out.

So, I hope someone can help me learn some things about being successful for when my time comes to make my transition into the free world.  Gaining new friends now before I get out is for the best.  Hit me up…

PS.  I do bad*** artwork with paint and watercolor.