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What's up?

I'm ecstatic that you clicked on my ad.    To let you know a little about me; I'm an optimistic person with a one of a kind outlook of the world.  I have a variety of interests; sightseeing, music, extreme sports, astrology, and cooking are among some of them.   My absolute favorite place in the world to be is the beach!   One of my best qualities is that I am willing to try the new at least once.

I am seeking to create a bond with a woman who is open minded and nonjudgmental, so we can share truths and happiness with each other until we reach togetherness.   I know the qualities I possess as a man will be beneficial to you.  I can easily maintain a conversation and I am a good listener.

I can be contacted through letters or via email at Jpay.com.   (#394393)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Buon Giorno!