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Hey, I’m Lindsey! I’m 28 and serving 24 months on a probation violation (which I am over halfway done with!). Although I had difficulties in my last relationship that began on WriteAPrisoner, I’ve decided to take a chance and put myself back out there. My goal is to meet positive like-minded people, or possibly someone who wants to create a long term and meaningful relationship. I’m always super focused on my health, and love to be outside and stay active as much as possible – especially in here. I strive to eat healthily and work out whenever the possibility arises, plus I’m a firm believer in daily yoga.

As a Pisces, I tend to be emotional, creative, and obsessed with music. I love watching the rain and am most comfortable when curled up with a good book. My favorite author is Sarah Moas since I can always lose myself in a good fantasy fiction! If you have any book suggestions, then let me know or send them my way! Well, that’s enough about me, your turn! I’m looking forward to hearing all about you!