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Hey Everyone! What’s going on?

My name is Erick, obviously…:). Well, for starters, everyone who willingly took the time to patiently read my profile, let me start by saying that I kinda suck at the whole “about me” deal. So please bear with me on this, ok, much appreciated.

Well, I am 31 years old. I come from a small family of 5. I am the second oldest. I, personally believe in family first. I live by that simple statement. My family and I don’t share what people consider “brotherly and sisterly” love. It is what it is, but I unconditionally, without a doubt, love them no matter what. I was born in San Antonio, Texas but mostly grew up in between Georgia and Kentucky. Physically speaking, I am 6’1”. I know, I know, I’m 4 feet taller than most Hispanics, LOL :). As of 1 week ago, I weigh 168 pounds. I have a fast metabolism, so I eat like a horse but don’t gain much weight.

I am a people person and I like to consider myself a pretty smart and fast witted individual. However, I admit, I did not graduate high school but I did get my G.E.D. in 2012. I didn’t graduate because of the lack of intellect. To be honest, it’s a long story…In the meantime, I am serving a 6 year sentence. I have my release date for November 2020 and with good behavior I can go November 2019, God willing. With that being said, this is all “Me” time and I’m doing my best to prepare myself to be successful and productive upon my release. That is what is most important to me. I really have been single for a little while now and to be 100 about it, I only want promising and positive people in my corner. Anything or anyone less than that simple description is irrelevant to me.