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Hello Ladies,

My name is Erich.  I'm seeking some new friends in my life that can relate to my intentions of being on this website.

I'm currently appealing my case and pursuing my dream/career in the music industry as a rap artist.  I'm very motivated and focused on my success and what life has to offer me.  I'm full of life, ambition, leadership, love, loyalty, positive energy and way more! 

Things that I love to do are; workout, listen to and write music, learn about any and everything that I can, experience new places, watch movies, cook, etc.  I'm a very open and honest person who likes to bring the best out of myself and others.  Some of my biggest fetishes are money, knowledge, tattoos, pretty feet, my appearance and shoes.  I enjoy watching NBA and NFL games too.  My values are my willingness, honesty, loyalty and my word.  I'm also very passionate, considerate, respectful, humorous, caring and humble.  I do not judge others for any reason!

So please tell me about yourself.  Are you chasing any dreams?   What about any college degrees?   What do you spend your time doing out there?   What do you enjoy doing?

I'm open to any questions you have for me and all your conversation that you bless me with.  I'm looking forward to the pleasure of being able to get to know and understand you!!   So please, don't be shy and embrace the greatness that I'm offering to you.

Thank you ladies!