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Hello World,

My name is Richard Ruiz. At this moment and time I’m currently incarcerated in Illinois. I’m 34 years old, Hispanic, 5’8”, 205 pounds, brown eyes, born in Texas and I was raised in Chicago. I’m trying this pen pal website in search of meeting some new friends. Some of the things I’m into are music, art, cooking, clothes. I’m a fun, charismatic person who is easygoing and down to earth. Who loves to laugh and have fun. I’m open for any conversation and I’ll always give you the best advice or insight I possibly can. As of this moment in time I’m waiting to be released from I.D.O.C. due to the fact I was wrongfully convicted.

I’m looking to meet some new people who are also down to earth and are looking for a mature conversation as well as a sincere friendship. So if you feel as though you like any of what you’re seeing and reading, please feel free to pick up a pen and get to know your new friend. A person once told me that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I was told you have to open it up and take the time to read the pages and understand that every chapter tells its own story. I’m an open minded person who’s willing to pick up any book and open it and read it.

Please allow me to thank you for this moment to be able to sit down and relax and picture my new best friend. Who knows, one day I might be able to draw you a beautiful picture to put a smile on your face as you just did for me.

Take care and always be safe.