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Hello World,

I lay bare a transparent soul with a genuine heart and sentiments of hope. I’m a simple man seeking the understanding, communication and shared values of a compassionate individual who has a love for laugher, life – the small pleasures in it and one who could be an inspiration to those around them.

I’m into community involvement. My favorite holiday is Earth Day – Go Figure :). I’m also an animal lover…as my time nears towards my release and as I mentor my comrades, I’ve come to understand that I can’t do it all on my own as I originally thought I could. I believe life is about cultivating relationships and reaping the fruit from the seeds sown by nurturing this gorgeous thing.

As for myself, I’m a deep listener, honest, responsible in my behavior; but I’m a little rough around the edges type of nerd. I enjoy the great outdoors, but I tend to run just as fast indoors to some good cuisine, very open minded and optimistic towards new things and I tend to embrace positive energy.

I feel as though I’m missing something in my life…is it you? I’m missing someone real in my corner. Loyalty is what I lust; real isn’t beauty and beauty isn’t a specific eye color, size, skin tone or race. I’m attracted to cultured souls and the expression of that soul is the love of the Creator being manifested. Hopefully we can build something on a firm foundation towering into the future.