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Justin Erskine 00414890 photo

"What's up?

I started this profile to meet new people and to make genuine, meaningful connections. After being locked up back in 2007, I decided that I wouldn't let prison keep me from living the fullest life I can while I fight for justice and freedom. It has been a long journey, but one that has taught me a lot about myself and the value of friendships and family. It has opened my eyes to the world, empowering and inspiring me to want to change thongs around me through activism and social justice efforts.

I love to learn about pretty much everything, and I'm currently(but slowly) studying for a degree in sociology. I dabble a little in philosophy, too, but prefer the discussions more than the reading. I can talk about anything and often find myself lost in long conversations with people. I can be pretty passionate, have strong convictions, and even be a little stubborn sometimes. But I am also open-minded and curious. I love to laugh and have fun over everything.

I spend my time here reading, writing, working out, playing games, studying, fighting the power (haha), and listening to music. I always want the radio on, even when I sleep, and am constantly searching for new songs and artists.

You can message me directly on the GettingOut app, write letters through the mail, or visit on GoVisits.

I can't wait to get to know you."