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Hey! Nice to meet you. Hopefully I can advertise myself nicely and we can become friends!

I love pictures and would like to be a semi-professional photographer one day; specifically capturing special moments. I’m a growing Christian, always trying to pursue and strengthen my relationship with God. I have a magnificent 11 year old who I love more than anything! So, fellow parents, throw all the advice and stories at me! 

I appreciate get-togethers, eating, laughing, having fun with the people I love. I enjoy being in nature, listening to the birds, breathing in fresh air; I find it peaceful. I used to be a service dog trainer and would love to pursue that when I do home. I love dogs, really all animals; I love playing games, doing arts and craftsy things, though, truthfully, I’m no good! I wish I could scrapbook  because that brings me much joy and peace.

I’m looking for long-term friendship and positive, nonjudgmental, encouraging people. I need support, advocates, humor, and just things to talk about outside of prison. I’m also an encouraging, listening ear, though I’m not sure about funny! I appreciate seeing others creativity and talents, how they use and strengthen them.

I like to make people happy and be of any help that I can. I’m constantly trying to grow, so any help is appreciated. I just want this to mostly be fun!

Now it’s your turn to tell me about you! I’ll be waiting!