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Hi (smile)

Isn't it funny that two individuals can walk the same streets, breathe the same air, but never meet? Isn't it odd that two people can live in the same world and be separated by just inches or miles? Isn't it ironic that life can force situations to travel parallel to each other, when the inevitable shall take place? Isn't it beautiful that strangers like us can become acquaintances, foundations can be solidified by friendship? Is it by chance that two people blind to each other's existence can discover companionship, compatibility, and comfort in one another? Is it coincidence, fate, destiny?

I will exhibit my appreciation, I will display my happiness when our paths cross! Isn't it amazing that two lives can be distant in the past, intersect in the present, and be connected in the future? Isn't it wonderful someone sparking your interest and intriguing your mind can happen? I hope so! Because I'm looking for a friend, looks don't matter! I don't judge! I don't have kids, I like to exercise, listen to music, learn, and play and watch sports.

I have been in prison for 19 years. I have grown a lot since the beginning of my incarceration. I'm looking to add positive people to my life before I'm released. Someone who is willing to help me understand this new world I will be getting out to. I'm spiritual and I believe the universe is continuing to reveal its purpose to me!