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Christopher Perez M54410 photo

I believe that life has a way of bringing people into our lives at the moments we need them most. We go through life learning lessons after lesson, and most times we only receive them by going through our own personal sufferings. But in these sufferings, we receive pieces of ourselves if we're willing to look deep enough. A lot of us shy away or run away from our sufferings, but believe that in order to defeat them, we must dive into the same fire they put us through. And when we come out, we come out with a better understanding of ourselves.

The purpose of me being here is to hopefully find a friend that would be willing to share with me the pieces of herself she has found and to possibly help someone out of their suffering with the lessons I've learned. There isn't much to say; I'm a hands-on person, meaning that in order to know me, you have to build with me, you have to grow with me. But if it's genuine, I'm the easiest person to vibe with.

I believe you were brought here for a reason; I don't believe in coincidence. I believe in fate. And you don't have anything to lose from traveling down this road. The beauty of it is that it's a road you don't have to travel alone, and it's a road that at any point, you can exit. In a deeper sense, if you think about it, wasn't your best friend once upon a time a stranger? And look how that turned out. I don't want to fan the fire of myself, but whatever you're looking for, you found it here. Hope to hear from you. Please don't second-guess yourself.