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What's good? It's your favorite white boy Trigga, jus playing. I'm only 1/2white but maybe I can still be your favorite, lol. Check me out tho I'm 4rm FortWorth TX (shout out 2 my city girls) I got 15 yrs flat on a 24 & see parole again in 20 mon. I'm 30yrs old, and I'm an artist/rehabilitated OG just tryna make the most out of the 2nd chance I was given I know I messed up & even tho it's hard for a bad boy, I have changed a lot.

I think bout going home every day & the challenges & disappointments I've been thru have only made me stronger & wiser I know what I want in life so if you have time & would like to build a friendship w/ me just write & tell me bout you. What are you looking for? What's important to you? What do you like? If you Jpay make sure to add the return address because I have to respond back with snail mail