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Greetings to everyone who views my profile. My name is Roger, but most people know me as Rabbit. It didn't start as a reference to the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," but it ended up being like that from one way or another. I'm supposed to be doing a life sentence, but my situation is complicated. I was found to be legally insane at the time of the offense, but for some reason, Alaska imprisons people with that verdict.

I have a possibility of parole, which means a great deal, actually, considering why I'm in prison. My sentencing judge understood that I honestly didn't mean to hurt anyone in my sane mind and gave me a chance to rehabilitate and possibly get out. The original case is under the name Jason Abbott, if you want to look it up. It made nationwide news, which was embarrassing on my part. So I changed my name to move away from the media attention and general condemnation of guilt.

I currently have an appeal going concerning cruel and unusual punishment and discrimination against an American with a disability to challenge the State of Alaska's stance of criminalizing mental illnesses. I'll have a ruling on that appeal in the next 2-3 years. If it's ruled in my favor, I'll be given an opportunity to negotiate a lesser, more reasonable sentence. That's the best I can hope for. Outright acquittal is asking for too much from this state. Alaska is tough on crime. It can be said that they're too tough, considering they imprison the insane and mentally ill too. No hospitalization. No therapeutic environment. No mental rehabilitation to speak of. It's solely by my own efforts that I've come to know what's right and wrong and sane. It is absolutely not because of the efforts of the Alaska prison system.

Anyway, all that aside, I make the best of my time. I completed a paralegal certificate and work as the law assistant for the facility I'm in. I help other prisoners with questions they have about their cases and help them with research or filing procedures. I have also just been accepted into Adam's State University for a Bachelor's in Sociology/Criminology. I'm waiting for the college to register classes and double-check my funding, and then I'll officially begin.

I exercise frequently and eat healthy, and spend most of my time studying and meditating. I'm dedicated to a specific spiritual path and am careful about what I place in my mind. I don't watch TV, play video games, or listen to mainstream music. I don't pay much attention to the news or politics either. And these choices aren't to be blind to them or shelter myself. I avoid them because I know a great deal about them and their effects on people. I've done research on these topics because I've always asked the question to myself about why an industry exists. What's the point? What's the motive? What does it do for people? In the end, I don't totally disagree with it all, but for the most part, I don't relate to it. I am somewhat a part of the industry, though. I recently published a book of poems titled "How The Bones May Fall." I did it to make available to the public a form of direct communication from me about my thoughts and the way I see the world, how I perceive reality. It's a way to personalize myself for people who see past the tattoos and criminal conviction.

I'm putting myself on this website and making myself available for contact because I realize all-too-well that I am an eccentric and different person. But paradoxically it's because I'm healthy and successful at whatever I put my heart into. I see myself and everybody else as unique individuals and treat them as such, for better or for worse, because not everybody is happy and positive, especially in here. To put it shortly, I'm at odds with the general current in here. I'm content with myself and my achievements in life, whereas most people around me struggle to make ends meet or simply have a good day. I don't know why that is, but I can't help them any more than just be good to them.

So, this whole profile is to find people out in the world that either have a like mind as me or a positive interest in me and would like to get to know me. I'm very excited to find people like that and to get to know them. There are billions of people on this planet, so I know they're out there. And I'm not looking for someone to be impressive or any particular way. I'm very humble and simply want to talk or write or communicate with photos simply for the sake of friendship. To be in company with people. So, if you would like a friend, I'm here for you. I'm truthful and realistic, as this profile is an example of. And if you contact me, I'll do my best to keep the connection. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have people in my life.

Until then take care and be safe, and thank you for reading about me.

- Roger