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My name is Brandon Ray Reynolds. I am a country boy. I was born in Madisonville, Texas in 1975 but I lived in Iola and Humble, Texas. I’m 6’1” tall and I have green/blue eyes, my hair is brown, my race is Caucasian. I’m a Christian. I am straight and single and I have no kids but don’t get me wrong, I would love to have kids some day. I love to go hunting and fishing. I like NFL football (Go Cowboys) and I’m really into racing cars. And I like to go dancing, go out to eat and to the movies.

Well they say my crime is murder but it should have been manslaughter if anyone writes me I’ll explain what happened in my case. Now about my employment skills, I work really hard for whoever I work for and I’m a Jack-of-all-trades. There isn’t anything I can’t fix from (welding – electrical – HVAC – plumbing – farm equipment – automobiles). I can fix it all and no I do not have a drug problem but I did drink when I was out.

I would like to correspond with a nice country girl that likes the things I like and who knows I may like some of the things she likes.

P.S. I have tattoos all over.

Brandon Ray Reynolds

"If you do use JPay to contact me, please be sure that your mailing address is in the body of the message or I won’t be able to write you back!”