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Almost over. Less than a year now, thanks to the new laws. I’m growing anxious to get out, start my life over, meet new people.

So, about me. I don’t fit the mold. I’m me and no one else. And I want to meet people who are themselves. I’m clean but by no means straightedge. I’ve been intimate with pain and despair and now I want something better.

Most of my time I try to spend improving myself. Learning. I became a certified paralegal in prison. I’m not fluent in Spanish but I’m getting there. I’m currently taking 4 classes and am signed up for several more. Exercising. My goal is at least 6 days a week. Being more motivated recently I’ve been doing a couple or several routines a day.

I’m releasing in Michigan. I’d really like to start a conversation with some folks around Grand Rapids, make friends, maybe some work and business connections. People willing to help me to get established. Find a woman to share my more sentimental side with.

I shave my head because the barbers in prison suck, not because I’m a white supremacist. I judge people by their actions and character, not by genetics or any characteristics granted by birth. Tell me about yourself. What makes you unique? What do you dream in life? What’s the top 3 on your bucket list? Please, ask me questions. There’s no better way to start the conversation. I’m pretty much an open book. Please, don’t be shy.

My institution’s mail policy: White paper only, no greeting cards allowed and no perfume.