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Welcome To My Profile!

I’m Jasmine; outgoing, funny and open minded are a few words used to describe me. I’ve been beyond interested in writing to fulfill my spare time. I don’t see location as an issue and I enjoy traveling as a hobby. I started college last summer and have plans to resume studies after my release. I have dreams of becoming a chemical dependency counselor so I can share my experience in hopes of helping others.

My hobbies include music, concerts, movies, video games, WWE, cooking, fashion and social media. My favorite band is Alice N Chains and I love to take pictures and make memories.

I’ve never been married but have dreams of doing so one day with someone who will keep me motivated and have patience to invest in a friendship first. I’m attracted to dominant qualities and enjoy honesty and loyalty when getting to know someone.

I’m using my time here to better myself and use this experience as a building block to learn how to stay positive and productive upon release. I will quickly reply to everyone that takes time to reach out to me, so thank you for your time and have a great year.

"If you do use JPay to contact me, please be sure that your mailing address is in the body of the message or I won’t be able to write you back!”