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Before coming to prison I seemed to love learning things the hard way and always had to be taught a lesson through self-experience rather than just taking someone else’s advice.  I've learned a lot of valuable things throughout my mistakes and it's helped define the man I am today.  I am by no means a lost cause or a burnout.

After being incarcerated I let go of all contact with anyone I previously associated with and just wanted to start a fresh chapter.  I'm a very laid back person, but very ambitious and goal oriented.  I push myself every day to do the best I can and to be the best I can.  I've got a lot of potential and plans to put it all to use from here out.  Life's too quick to be anything short of your best.

I'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that.  I'm using this site to interact with like-minded individuals who I can find some common ground with.

I'm artistic and love surrounding myself around creative people.  I love cutting hair, I focus a lot on my body and staying in good shape, and I love getting tattooed.  I have nothing but positive vibes to send out and hope to receive the same.

If you like to get ahold of me faster than a letter you can add me on gettingout.com and shoot me an email or video visit request!