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My name is Dylan. My life has been pretty adventurous up until this little jam I’ve put myself in. I’m thankful it happened because it caused me to really take a look into my life and helped me come to terms with the fact that I need to make some drastic changes in my daily routines. I can’t say I’m proud of where I’m at but the hardships I’ve endured have helped define the man I am today. I plan to become a guidance counselor and help others who struggle with addiction. I’ve got a lot of potential and plan to put it all to use from here on out. I am by no means a lost cause or a burn out. I decided to cut all ties with all my old contacts and hope this website can help introduce positive influences or like-minded individuals into my life.

I’m a very easygoing person and very genuine with everything I say and do. I’m a good listener and enjoy a good conversation. I’m super artistic and like surrounding myself around creative people. I am constantly setting goals and push myself every day to achieve them and hope to find that same quality in the people I interact with. I enjoy cutting hair, staying fit, getting tattooed, traveling and meeting new people from all walks of life. I have nothing but positive vibes to send out and hope to receive the same. Life’s too short to be bland, so stand out.