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Hello ladies,

How are you doing? Fine I hope. By the way, my name is Malcolm Devon Golidy. I’m Black plus mixed with Puerto Rican. I’m 5’9” and weigh 175 pounds with the bedroom body :). I’m also an ex-stripper from the West Side of Chicago and my stage name was (Ginuwine) but please don’t hold that against me!! Or judge me, only God can judge me because to know me is to love me, to not know me is to prejudge me, so please get to know the best man behind this pen and paper!

I’m just trying to meet a friend plus be a friend!! No matter, if you are White, Black, Asian or etc.!! Female!! All I’m asking is just give me the same thing (God) gave us all and that’s a chance and an opportunity to be a true friend. Nothing more or nothing less! And I promise you all that you all won’t be disappointed!! And if possible send some pictures or maybe come and visit!!

Thank you for your time, God bless and be sweet!!

Yours truly,

Ginuwine!! The best of Both Worlds!