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What's up? I'm Markey. Well, Mark Anthony's my name, but family & friends have been calling me Markey/Markey Mark since way back when I cruised the 'hood on my Big Wheel, in dirty diapers. So, why switch it up now? My profile photo, my tattoos, and my circumstances may likely deceive many into assuming that I'm all bad, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm easygoing, laid back, and good-hearted, just a little mischievous; something like a Mexican Tom Sawyer.

I have a great sense of humor and an intelligence to match it, and if it weren't for drugs then I would've finished my B.A. and likely have had a doctorate by now. SMH. Sh*t happens. Well, let's see...first off, Will Ferrell is God; physics is my religion; and computers/science is my passion. I'm a sucker for Rom-Coms, and Atlas Shrugged, Shockwave Rider, Red Rising, and Shantaram are a few of my favorite books. Prison is super depressing, so art & music are my lifelines. Not a day goes by where I'm not drawing or tattooing while jamming out to the weeknd, Tay-Tay, Tool, or whatever the day calls for; some days are better than others

To be honest, I'm not a model inmate. But, I am far from a knucklehead. I break a few rules here & there (mainly tattooing), but only so that I could hustle up some pocket change and get by in here. I'm down to about 6 years (more or less) so I thought it'd be a good idea to join this platform to meet new people & cultivate meaningful connections; therefore, I am extending my hand out and offering genuine friends to any that can spot my worth. Straight up, I'm as real as they get. So, feel free to hit me up whoever you may be.