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My name is Gabriel Hernandez. I am first generation Mexican American born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

I am reaching out for pen pals honestly because there is a lot of negativity here in prison and I am for the most part a positive person. I really do try to see the positive in almost every situation. I love to talk about almost everything. I respect people’s opinions. I consider myself a good listener as people have told me that I am easy to talk to.

I was raised by my mom, grandmother and around a lot of aunts throughout my life. I have 2 sisters and no brothers. Growing up around so many women I believe was a blessing because I believe it made me sensitive to people’s feelings which is something very important especially in a man.

I am down to earth, realistic, responsible and humble. I’m sympathetic, gentle and supportive of family, friends and colleagues. I tend to use personal warmth to communicate which is probably a reason why my work is usually in the hospitality industry.

I will write to any part of the world. I am fluent in Spanish. I’m looking forward to hearing from anyone interested in writing. I consider myself a good person who has made some bad decisions. Age does not matter, I believe I can learn from anyone no matter the age. All cultures, walks of life interest me. I can be reached through downloading the app.

P.S. Not the best picture I’ve ever taken, sorry.