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Mack is a very fun-loving, charming man who's both book smart and street smart and he would love to communicate with very understanding pen pals with nice personalities. Mack is the type of person who's always first to help someone in their time of need, he will give a person his last just to see them smile and be ok. Mack has a good heart and is looking for the right woman to share his heart with. Mack is looking for someone to start a sincere friendship with who understands that people make mistakes in life and no one is perfect but we all deserve a second chance. Are you her?

Mack enjoys sports, traveling, and he aspires to open his own animal shelter for mistreated puppies once he is released from prison. Mack has a very supportive family and is very close with his mother who is his best friend. His mother wants to help him find a woman who will help him open up and reveal his soft side so that he can discover who he really is on the inside and outside. A woman who extends and goes out of her way to start a friendship with Mack and really proves herself to be there for him is the kind of woman his mother yearns to see him with.

Ladies, trust me, Mack will be the perfect guy to write if you are looking to add a quality man into your life as a good friend!

(Written by Family Member/Friend)