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Hey what’s up??

Cabezon would be me, I mean Mark is my name, Cabezon is what some friends call me. But what’s on my mind is to meet n connect with some new friends. You know, add some freshness.

Let me say this, there ain’t no perfect picture painted about me, but I can possibly tell you a few things that separate me from a lot.

I have learned that starting out from scratch can have better results for one than a perfect picture can be costly in some form or shape, but it allows for a true “make it or break it”.

A few things that get my interests are someone who’s ambitious, not scared of the unknown, self-driven mixed with a Harley Quinn type side! What makes you tic? Although we may say sometimes the certain people we meet “just happen” in my mind I think them “just happen” turn out to be something to talk about. I don’t have all the answers but I think a sense of humor will make up for it. Forget what the world says is supposed to be trending, everyone has their own way. I never been good with endings so if your interested hit me up. I’ll be here waiting on your letter.

Till the nxt.