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What up new friends!

I’m Christian, but people refer to me by my nickname “Cali”. I’m 6’6” with an athletic build. I’m serving a short sentence for surrounding myself with negative people and I got put in a couple negative situations. Believe me this opened my eyes and I learned from those mistakes. I’m young but I’m educated and know what I want in life.

Upon my release I will be pursing my business ideas with my brother. I’m money motivated so if your interested you won’t have to worry about me being a financial burden.

I’m looking for a friend or more. A woman who has her stuff together and can take care of her own. Emotional and financial stability a must! We can be a Power Couple! Honestly, I’m looking for a woman older than me. I’m a baby, lol, so that should be easy. No age limit here! If you’re my age or younger maturity is required! I’m not a jail guy by any means! This is just a minor setback. My first and last prison number!Hopefully a good woman can keep that a true statement.

You can find me on Facebook if this picture isn’t good enough at Dinero West. I’d love to hear from you! Download the Jpay app and send me a message. Or write me a letter! I’m also looking for a good business partner or a good job opportunity offer! Your time is appreciated greatly!