Many inmates need housing when they come home. If you would be willing to help someone locate a residence upon exiting prison, please visit Inmate Housing Profiles.

Back to Work

We are proud to announce a new social networking tool, which allows soon-to-be-released inmates to seek employment through It's called Back to Work, and it is a resume service for inmates. There is no charge to list inmates or respond to them. It is 100% paid for by If you know an inmate in the United States being released within the year who needs work, please stop by: and post a free resume for them.

One of the reasons the U.S. suffers from such a high recidivism rate is because of the difficulty inmates face in returning to the work force. There are several large corporations in this country making a concerted effort to employ ex-felons. Inmates who are fortunate enough to find employment drastically reduce their likelihood of returning to prison. We want to do our part. You want to do yours. Together we can lower the crime rate (and recidivism) by helping inmates return to the work force after their debt has been paid to society.