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Underage Sex & Prison

Seniors in high school, college freshmen, in fact, anyone 18 or older in America - DO NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS with anyone who is legally too young for you, even if it's consensual!

Every week we hear from young men serving years in prison for this. I'm going to tell you what your parents should be telling you. The state does not care if you attend the same school, make good grades, love her, are on your way to a wonderful career, are two months away from being legal, got her pregnant and want to be a dad, can't get girls your own age, know other people doing the same thing, or any other justification or reason. They absolutely could not care less. They will prosecute you aggressively and attempt to convict. Even if you've never been in trouble in your life, prison becomes a very likely possibility. I have seen more young men sentenced to prison terms for consensual sex with a girl a few years off in age than I could ever count. It's not a rarity. It is the norm. If the consenting partner is just ONE DAY AWAY from being legal - it does not matter!

While every prison comes with its own set of prison rules, rapists in the prison will very likely label you a child molester (and, technically, you will be), and they may use this as justification for acts of sexual violence against you. Again, not a rarity. When sexual assault happens to someone in prison, it typically keeps recurring during the entire period of incarceration. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to being assaulted in prison, such as your age, race, size, etc., but the type of crime for which someone is convicted is a strong determining factor in this. This isn't Beyond Scared Straight; rather, this is a devastating, real, and horrifying reality.

Just as the inmate population will label and abuse you, so will the government label you - a registered sex offender. Your sentence continues outside of prison. Good jobs become a pipe dream, neighbors know about your crime, and life becomes so much more challenging. Many people never recover from this label. It follows you everywhere and can even dictate where you can and cannot reside. There are even cases of couples reuniting after the sentence is served, but because the young father impregnated his younger girlfriend, he is a registered sex offender. Although he can marry her if she is now of legal age, he will not be allowed to live with her and their minor child. This happens!

Many people believe, "She loves me! She'll never tell." That may well be true, but what if her parents find out? The system is bulging with cases in which infuriated parents filed charges despite the begging and pleading of their daughters. They want punishment, and the courts are often quick to provide it. In many cases, these girls are still children at 13 and 14 years old. Would you want a man having sexual relations with your daughter at this age? Of course not. While rarer, the same goes for a younger boy having sexual relations with a woman. Same crime.

You may get away with it. Many people do. But many more don't. The statute of limitations can be long-lasting and far-reaching. We have seen too many lives ruined by this behavior. DON'T DO IT! Know the laws in your state, and don't step outside of them - not even once. Run, don't walk, away from any possible temptation of consensual relations with a minor.

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