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Brandon Charleston #JE-9523

 Make it Up To You



Make It Up To You

I've been in jail since you’ve been months old, I know.
And I know you’re angry because your face and voice tell me so.
In your eyes I've only been a disappointment to you and your brothers.
But when you look at it, it’s not just y’all, it’s plenty others.
I haven’t taught you anything that a father should.
But I praise your mother because she’s doing everything she could.
Birthdays and holidays you look for me but I'm not there.
All your able to do is look at a picture and stare.
I tell you I love you and hopefully you understand.
I know you think otherwise but I made choices as a man.
When I look at you I see features and attitudes that are in me.
But I want you to be the best you and all that you can be.
Only through pain can you achieve your greatest, it seems.
But things can come true for you and not only be just dreams.
I hate myself for not being there for you.
And there’s nothing I can do to make it up to you.




I’m waiting for my time to come.
Or waiting until my time is done.
They say there is no way that I can make it home but I plan on
Finding one.
I’m waiting on a letter but it seems like no one wants to write.
So I end up stressing swinging on anyone who wants to fight.
I’m waiting on a money order so I could get a pair of sneaks.
Because these state boots I’m wearing seem like they are only
Made for tearing feet.
I’m waiting to win in court but the system is crooked so it’s
Possible I could lose.
But I am still waiting on my lawyer to send me some good news.
The courts say I have life but no matter what I will never
Believe them.
Because one day I am going to get what I’m waiting for and what
I’m waiting for is my freedom…

Glad To Call You My Friend

Friends are those people who touch on another’s lives and become a part of them…
Who learn to share in one another’s happiness, in their deepest secrets and in their fondest dreams…
A really close friendship doesn’t just happen it takes time to build the kind of trust and respect that makes a friendship a lasting one.
Friends are those people who touch one another’s hearts and lives and make them brighter and happier as time goes by.


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Brandon Charleston #JE-9523
SCI Greene
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370
United States

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