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Vyron Green #15962842

Vyron Green #15962842


Don’t Damn Me

You wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen
If you seen it in a dream
You couldn’t walk in these shoes
If I taught you to
I’m not tryin to mock you dudes
But I come off cocky rude
Wit a f*** you attitude
Plus a crooks smile
Oops I mean a crook’d smile
That drives the ladies wild
Now they plot to have my child
Then they damn me
Cause they don’t understand me
But life is so dandy
When they eating up the candy
F*** having friends
I only vibe wit my family
No concerns for my sins
When I’m surrounded by kin
No worries for the end
Cause we only at begin
Let the ink sleep out this pen
As I write my life’s gems
Let the twinkle spark inspiration
Let your minds eyes peak at meditation
Let me speak on celebration
Poppin bottles, knockin top notch models
Blowin full bags, living life full throttle
Why you so mad
Cause I’m a nomad
Who’s now a known man
Wit his own land
Who owes no man
Blessed is me
Who got it off his own two feet
Take a peek on what I proceed
Off the inceptions of my own dreams
Turned into my realities
You can ask reality
That’s the cold hearted
Facts of my insanity
I promise there is a man in me
Holding onto sanity
While praying for clarity
No need for charity
Just bury me underneath my cherry tree
I don’t need no pleasant pleads
Only guarantees
No ifs ands or buts nor baby please
I’m allergic to those things
So keep them far up out my reach
And praise me before you speak
Like I raised you from a seed
There’s no time for make believe
So save your cakin for the bakery
Patience ain’t meant for savoring
So if you’re looking for love
Call a medic team
Cause I break hearts
Without hesitation
I’m gonna be an ole fart
Still medicate
While you still wait
You’s a camp crystal laken
You still chasen Jason
No time for propaganda
Grab the proper camera
And a Tropicana
Cause this gonna be real
Live without an anthem
I go hard to the hole
Pickin up the and one
I double fathered you
Yous my grandson.




Vyron Green #15962842


What Is…

What is life without the urge to wanna strive
What’s it like to be earth bound but destined to fly
How do you find what’s unknown, tho meant to hide
Without time is distance defined
Without a lie how can I achieve
For you to believe this is me
If I were a bird could I be in love with a bee
If trees had no leaves how would we know when to leave
If time didn’t mean a thing
Would everything remain to be
What it is when it came to be
With no boats to set sail, would we fear the sea
If I stopped talkin right now
Would you continue the chain of my wave links
Every story holds pain
I take pleasure in my pictures rain
I etch out symbols and sketch out names
With all I’ve seen, I should be deranged
Tho for some backwards ass reason
I maintain to stay sane
For some trappin ass reason, I still seek the rain
For some mackin ass reason, I’m still attackin dames
Salute to Obama, cause I still hope for a change
But stuck in my ways
I might’ve missed when it came…



Vyron Green #15962842


Share My Pain

Yes I did some lines
So I could try to find
How to feel fine, so I hit rewind
I’m crushing down these pills
I’m rollin’ dolla bills
Trying to kill off my feels
But I’m lost in these fields
Of oxycontin trills
The pain is bone deep
Got me sweatin’ through my sheets
Shaking, achin’ like a fiend
I can taste the pain
I can hear the dreams
I can feel the screams

We hopped in the car
Just to drive through the pain
I’m drowning in my sorrows
Here some pain you can borrow
Who’s insane for the sane
To be sane
I’m just saying
If we’re sharing in this pain
Are you caring when it rains
Cause this is just insane

I’ve simply lost my way
Tripped and fell, went astray
I needed an oxcy every day
Suboxtin is for the play
Now I’m back to feeling great
Use snort a pink just to think
Get on that green you’ll see clean
Do that blue Mr. Cool
Mix’em all up that’s an okay rush
Can you tell I lost myself.

We hopped in the car
Just to drive through the rain
I’m drowning in my sorrows
So come share my pain
Here it goes again
Share, share my pain
Here we go again
Come share my pain



Vyron Green #15962842



What sensation to be this amazing
I’m collecting many praises
From all these different faces
Tell’em who’s the greatest of’em all
Yea I took some falls
Might’ve stumbled in the halls
But I climbed every wall
While walking every bridge
Just trying to get my glimpse
Of what greatness is
So I hop every fence
In my search for evidence
That greatness still exists
And not just some myth
That preach to lil kids
So let me tell you what is great?
Learning from our mistakes
As we pave this new wave
For the ones that we save
To ride into their days
Cause greatness in in their make
I aint never taken a break
Just constantly raised the stakes.

All my life I’ve been searchin
Scratchin at the surface
Shakin off the nervous
Pushin past deserving
Knowing that I’m worth it
Greatness is my purpose
Amazing is my verses
You can doubt it
But I’m perfect
Just look at what I’ve worked
I done climb’d from the dirt
Now greatness is my perch
Amazing is my thirst
And I obey it for what it’s worth
Overachieving like I’m cursed
But it’s a gift so I splurge
On every chance that I’ve earned
Not the one to wait my turn
But I invest in what I’ve learned
You can test if you’re concerned
But I promise that you’ll
Get burned




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