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Andrew Burke #W100432

Andrew Burke



Raise me up with a tug on my strings

You who have taken my life, my dreams

March me on through the hell you created

Toward everlasting sleep, long awaited

Tip your wrist and watch me bow down

An empty gesture, but rest, for now….

As I kneel as if to pray

Speak to me, through the darkness say:

“Choose a God you think is there

Ask if He truly cares

If He answers you, you may go free

If He doesn't, you belong to me….”

Raise me up as I await my answer

From inside, the faintest whisper:

“Heavy is the heart that harbors hate

Heavier, the hand that holds it's fate

Yet fears the feel of hand on flesh

Afraid, it seeks its own death….”

My heart within my hand I've held

Cast therefrom, these strings of hell

Upon which myself I've played

The saddest song a soul can play

A song of hurt, of pain, of worry

I am the puppet of self-inflicted purgatory….









Mine Eyes


Mine Eyes
By Andrew Burke

For years and years I totaled tears
‘Till one day mine eyes dripped dry
‘Twas then I defied my darkest fear
For no longer could I cry

I stood mountain tall!
A sea about my feet
And o’er that ocean of tears did form
A spectre of true deceit

Toe to toe and face to face
I stood affront my twin
A perfect mirror of myself
Yet no longer trapped within

I closed mine eyes for fear of madness
Then opened them and was surprised
For I saw a glint of sadness
Deep within his eyes

For all my years my fear was him
The iniquity of my core
My other half, my Mister Hyde
But afraid I was no more

Compassion I felt for my other,
Or something other, but close
Whatever the feeling he was my brother,
And I his habitable host

One and two I closed mine eyes
A third opened in my mind
Two as one we’d again become
A new world we’d soon surmise

Our mind’s eye met and formed a pair
Deep as you’ll ever see
Deeper than the sea of tears
My fear had left beneath me

Those same two eyes formed behind
Two lids still tight closed
‘Till together our eyes opened
And mine eyes were exposed.

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Berlin, NH


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Andrew Burke #W100432
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