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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


Hey, i was wondering since most inmates have the option for you to physically mail them a letter or to email them and the jail will print it and give it to them.. my question IS, if i choose the email form of communication (i read they have no access to email) will i get a letter in the mail that they wrote by hand? or how does that work? and how long will it take for me to get it? im new to this guys i dont know how this works. :( 


Some inmates can receive email communication, or do snail mail


Ok I'll see what I can do but I Don't know much about this shit an it's confusing I get frustrated


Hi my pen pal would like to get someone to write to his friend, he gets released in 2021 and is 20 years old, are you interested and I can give you a picture of him and more information 


I sent an email through this. This site converts the email to a printed form and mails it. I received an invite from them through corrlinks about 2 weeks later. I have since been corresponding through the corrlinks emails. I have used corrlinks and Jpay. Corrlinks charges the inmate about $5.00 for 300 minutes of email usage and is free for everyone else. JPay charges a maximum of 0.35 to send every email and is purchased in 15 emails for $5.25. Keep in mind, the email exchange for Jpay seems far slower than corrlinks. 


There's quite a few threads on this forum with answers already... my first piece advice would be to have a look at some of those. 
As far as your question, you can use the email feature on WAP once and then you'll either have to continue correspondence through hand written letters which would take up to or over a week depending where abouts on Mother Earth you make your home.  Or some inmates have access to JPay/corrlinks etc which can be a one or two-sided depending. You could JPay your replies to your PP but they might have to write to you by hand so it cuts the time on your side but not on theirs. 
happy writing!