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Refining metals such as Gold requires continuous cycles of repeated
pressure and heat that filters away impurities and allows the metals
to shine with clarity. In our lives, it is often our "mistakes" and
more difficult lessons that refine us. These strenuous processes draw
out our finest qualities, the strengths and wisdom that make us shine.

Too often we focus on perceived impurities, rather than keeping our
sight focused on the goal of growth. When we focus on all that we see
as "wrong" we take energy away that can be devoted to building on our
strengths. It is this personal refinement process that allows us to
reach our full potential. We can learn and be built up by our
mistakes and trials, or we can crumble under the pressure.


Look deeply into the experiences of your life that have helped you
the most. What was the experience? How did you handle it? What did
you learn from it afterwards? How has this experience effected you:
was it used as a learning growing experience? Was it pushed aside or
dealt with through judgment or harshness? Was this experience used
to build you up or did it tear you down? How can you use these
experiences to further refine your character?


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