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Hello everyone. I logged this morning to reply yo an email from a Georgia inmate at Lee Arrendale  I've been talking to for several weeks. As soon as I open the email and click reply or click on compose I get an error message saying:

You are currently not on INMATE NAME approved email list, which means you cannot send your loved one an email. To become an approved sender, please ask your loved one to request that you be added to their approved senders list. i TRIED ADDING ANOTHER INMATE AND AS SOON AS i TRIED TO SEND AN EMAIL i GOT THE SAME ERROR MEDDAGE SO ITS NOT INMATE SPECIFIC.  cAN ANYONE HELP?




I've called JPAY several times.  Unfortunately after 15 minutes on hold your asked to leave your phone number and you will get a call back.....this never happens.  It seems that there is NO support for JPAY at all.



I am sorry you are having an issue with JPay. I would recommend you contact their support department. Contact information can be found here:

All the best!