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Hey all. It's my first time writing on here and could do with some advice. 
  I recently started writing to a prisoner, we got on so well, liked the same things, he told me I was really cute&pretty and that he really like chatting to me. Then in the space of two days he's completely changed, he's actually not replying to my messages now. The last couple of days had felt like something wasn't right but when I queried it with him he said everything is okay. I just don't know what I did wrong in the end. We was only penpals for 9 days but it really has put me off writing to anyone else. Nothing would have ever come from this because I'm in the UK but going from about 10 emails a day to just nothing hits hard - id have preferred him to have just said sorry I can't talk to you anymore than to just completely blank me.      Anyone else been through something similar?