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Is there a way to contact a loved one or friend's unit team manager or case worker in the medium security besides a phone call, perhaps through e-mail? I reside outside the United States and overseas calls to the US are not that cheap. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thanks


Hey rix.morales, well, I’ve never written to prison staff in Virginia unless they were in one of the federal facilities there, so I can’t speak to how the Commonwealth of Virginia’s DOC runs things – beyond what’s on their website. But I have contacted prison staff in other jurisdictions on behalf of my buds, and can offer the following observations:

  1. Getting the name or email address of a prison staff member is next to impossible anywhere – for their security, I’d imagine. Whenever I’ve gotten a name, I’ve gotten this directly from a bud, in advance.
  2. Virginia’s DOC does have an e-contact form on their website, here. I’d expect it goes to a central office and gets routed to the facility/department in question. Give it a shot.
  3. Snail mail works too. If you don’t know your addressee’s name, use their title, and be sure to use the staff address for the facility, which may be different from the one for inmate mail.
  4. If it’s urgent, call.

Best wishes