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Greetings Ladies

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Dedric Hamilton
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Greetings Ladies

To any woman that likes this profile and finds me interesting, here’s more about me.  I’m well-mannered and soft-spoken.  I’m very attentive and understanding.  I’m goal-oriented and success driven.  I utilize my time wisely, exercising the mind and body.  My hobbies consist of researching and studying anything I can learn about, the real estate market, playing basketball, and lifting weights.  I enjoy being funny and making people happy.  I’m open-minded and easygoing.  I’m a Sagittarius by sign and I have a fun personality.  I’m looking for a woman I can build a connection with, someone that’s compassionate and understanding.  As I write the next chapter of my life, I hope I can find that adventurous character to fill the pages with.  I’m all about building a bond from friendship and letting the journey take it’s natural course.  If you find yourself unsure or just curious about me, contact me to get any questions you may have answered.  Right now, I’m in a battle with the courts on a case that was appealed and overturned, trying to prove my innocence, but I have no doubt that in the end, true justice will prevail.  For the women that viewed this page, I thank you in advance for the opportunity of gathering your attention.  Best wishes to you.