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Have you lost touch with your prisoner/con? Or unsure if they even are one?

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Have you lost touch with your prisoner/con? Or unsure if they even are one?

Are you currently unsure if a loved one is locked up, or have they been transferred & you're worried because you don't yet have their contact information? We can find out which prison/jail your inmate is currently in, and get you the address in no time! Also, not sure if someone in your life has a criminal history? Don't fret. We can find out for you. Just visit us online at any internet information now | and follow a few easy steps to uncover the info you need.

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Why would anyone take you seriously You are using a anonymous free website service
Maybe if you had a real website like I would use your services...something to think about

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You need to give it at least 3 weeks (and possibly longer than that) before expecting a snail mail reply from an inmate. If you sent the email out via the WAP emailing option, they only post off (via snail mail) copies of your email on the 4th and 20th of the month.

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Can you give me any information on this subject please! I sent an email to a inmate a few days ago, what happens now (first time)
Thankyou in advance x