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Looking for pen pal

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Looking for pen pal

Just looking for a penpal nothing romantic. Just thought someone could use a friend.

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Hi Holly,

welcome to WAP. How about just browsing the ads? Search an inmate and then go to "advanced search", take whichever of the criteria you like (there is, for example, one that shows you the "needs mail" list of prisoners getting little or no mail) and find yourself someone?

Ppl on the "needs mail" list might probably be the happiest to hear their name on mail call...

Happy writing,


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You forgett youre adress ?

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Hi everyone, I'm Jamie I'm looking for a friend to talk to nothing romantic. Just figured someone needs a friend to talk to

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You can create a profile (ad) for your brother by going to 'list an inmate' at the top of this page, or click here:

An ad costs 50 dollar and will be up for one year, it will get your brother some pen pals

Good luck!

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I’m new here, looking for someone to talk to... wanting to be that bit of company to someone on the inside. Preferably my own age 22-25 range. 

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Hi there and welcome to the forum.

Then browse the ads & choose someone, Chelsea.

Happy writing,


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Still figuring out how to use but hi

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There still seems to be a lot of confusion on how to use this service, so just to explain :

If you are looking for pen pals FOR an inmate, you do not use the forums.  Using a gmail address makes your post look like possible spam, how will people know that’s legitimate?  Also, the website charges a few because they use that money to run their site which recruits a lot of volunteers for things like books behind bars, and they do a lot of community work such as provide scholarships to the children of inmates and scholarships for victims (as well as their families) of crimes.  Please use the website, not the forum, to post an ad.

If you are a person visiting the site and would like to write to an inmate, you go to “search profiles” and you can look for a person to write to - you may either contact them through WAP email service after you have created an account, include your address in your message, and they can write a letter to you, or you can send them a letter at the address they have listed.  Some of them use JPay, which is a messaging service you can get “stamps” for, just like you’d get for snail mail letters, but this sends your messages electronically.  You will need to know the state and inmates number to use Jpay.  There are several other designated email systems used - gmail is not one of them.  Please be wary of people asking you to gmail them on forums, as that could easily be spam/hackers phishing for your account info.


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Fee not few*

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look up Ky Cooper #01698526 at BETO UNIT, 1391 FM 3328, Palestine, TX  75880. in here in Write a prisoner. com. 

He is looking for a penpal and can not get on the computer. 

I am his sister and am trying to help him to get a penpal. 


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Chelsea, my brother is looking for a penpal. He is 27. Look him up on this websiter ( His name is Ky Cooper #01698526 at BETO Unit in Tennessee Colony, TX. He just got on here last week and really needs a penpal.


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Is he looking for a guy to chat to (platonic) or is he looking for a female (romantic)

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Hi I'm in Uk are you well?

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I’d love to make a new friend & have a penpal

Youssoupha Diallo
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Salut j'aimerais qu'on fasse connaissance. Écris moi si tu veux

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Kool me as well hmu

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Hey I’m new to this, don’t really know how this goes. I’m just looking for good conversations to bypass the time. 

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I have a friend who is looking for more people to talk to if you would like I can send you his info . 

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I am so confused that so many people don't understand how to use this site. If you are looking for an inmate to write to, scroll up and click on "Inmate Profiles." If you are looking to post an ad seeking a penpal for an inamte, scroll up and click on "List an Inmate."