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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


Well Im here cause my b/f is in Spring Creek and I was hoping to find other people that may have loved ones up in Ak.
But it doesnt seem to be that way here. But I will keep checking back just to check . I am planning my first trip to Alaska in May of this year. I am so nervous I am besides myself .

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Hi I had a pen pal in spring creek also but he now has a girlfriend and has removed himself from the wap site , I have another one in the same facility :)


Hey I'm in Scotland and I've been writing to my pp for quite some time now he's in the spring creek correctional centre as well , how did your trip go and how was that place ??


i have a penpal from Spring Creek ;) how was your trip in ak?


I checked there to S and nothing there either. Sometimes I feel all alone out here .

But it is all good .


Only problem i've had with writing pal in AK, is they like to pass around your information, so you might write one person, but then you end up with 5 different people writing you back.


I don't know if anyone said this...but did you look in the Alaska section of PTO?


Well I know with my man up in Spring Creek he is always telling me that they are behind all the other prisons. I was just hoping that I would find other women and men that need someone to talk to with their loved ones being incarcerated in Alaska. I do know they have ads on the forum. That is where I met my guy . He is in Alaska and Im in Washington State. And I was just hoping I could find some support to answer some questions reagrding my travel plans in May .

Thank you all for answering . :rainbow:


There was a lady on here that wrote to a guy in Alaska and was trying to find pen pals for his cellies. I know in the past I have seen ads from men in Alaska so if that is the policy it must be new.

sunray's wench

Just had another look. There's a maybe, but I'm going to give my possible OR guy a little bit longer to get his act together before I try another.


There are some ads from Alaska here on WAP right now, I've seen 12 males - I didn't check on females. And I've seen a few on another website, but not anymore.

sunray's wench

I would like a pal in Alaska, but never see any in the adverts either on WAP or anywhere else. I have been wondering if Alaska DoC insists on inmates not having internet ads like some other states do.