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Locked Up In The Philippines

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Locked Up In The Philippines

:mrt:Hello to anybody reading this

To protect my own identity I won't discuss why or where I am, but suddenly getting incarcerated in a 3rd world country is worse than my worst nitemare.

I have been inside a few months awaiting arrainment which is where I will plea not guilty to all charges. Things here move slowly.

This is going to read like a blog and I will add to it when I can. Internet connection is patchy, I suspect there is a blocking device. I got a smartfon. Of course its not allowed but it is my only contact with the outside world. The smartfon flew into my cell one nite by magic.

I'll try and divide this into different subheadings to make it easier to read.

Enough for today, more to follow.

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Are you a foreigner in the Philippines?

Usually internet is just bad there in general, haha. I don't know much about the prison system there but I haven't heard good things. Except for that one place that let's the inmates practice dancing, LOL.

Good luck OP, stay safe.

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Thanx tamago for the support. Yes I am an [I]americano[/I] but not necessarily American


Conditions suck a rat's ***.

My jail houses around 3000 inmates. There are over 40 in each cell. Most sleep on the floor on foam mattresses or folded up cardboard boxes. The others in rectangular boxes made of plywood and piled one on top of another.

There are 2 toilets in each cell. No running water. Water has to be carried from outside in plastic bottles or containers.That serves as your drinking water and shower water. I pay someone to do that for me.

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If u ever wondered whether money is the root of all evil, look no further than here. Cash is allowed inside and without any u will starve n get sick. A visitor is allowed to bring in about $35 each visit. If ur sensible it will go far but it is easily blown.

Some prisoners do good business selling on stuff at inflated prices. Some lend money with interest. Getting into debt is not a good idea.
The prisoners with dosh have well rounded girths. Those without age fast.

As for the foreigners, it depends on how kindly ur country's embassy is. Germans can draw a welfare payment. Others can provide a loan. If ur from the wrong country u will get jack shite.

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Hi Dondi,

Are you still there?