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Looking for a job for my fiancé in Oregon

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Looking for a job for my fiancé in Oregon

Does anyone know have a job offer in Lane County or knows where we can apply?
My fiancé is a very skilled carpenter able to make the nicest furniture and computer crack known to fix the unfixable.
I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you!

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No one is going to give him a job because his girlfriend posted on an Internet forum asking for one for him.

It will look better to any potential employer if he makes an effort to find work himself. He should look in the local paper, browse job postings online, make enquiries with local companies, register with agencies. And, more importantly, be prepared to have to take a job that is beneath his skill level. If McDonalds are the only people hiring, he will have to don a cap and apron and serve cheeseburgers.

Did he not get any help with finding employment prior to his release? My pp in WA is being released later this year and they have job fairs and courses to help them with contacting local employers and preparing for interviews, etc. however, in my experience, Washington is one of the most forward-thinking states when it comes to rehabilitation of offenders.

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Did he not get any help from HGO?

The HGO partnership is operated by the Oregon Department of Corrections through its Religious Services Unit. The focus of the HGO Partnership is to develop and provide safe, healthy and supportive connections to the community so releasing offenders can develop pro-social thinking along with a community of pro-social associates.

HGO is organized at three distinct levels.

Institution Level: Re-entry Liaisons assist the institution chaplains to provide HGO services to inmates prior to release at each of the releasing institutions. The Re-entry Liaison receives the HGO application from interested inmates, meets with those inmates where appropriate, assists these inmates to make connections to the community and provides community and faith-based resources where appropriate and needed.

HGO applications are then routed, to the Regional Community Chaplain (multi-county) who, in turn, provides the information to the local (county) Community Chaplain or Community Coordinator. A letter from both the Regional and local Community Chaplains or Coordinator is sent to the inmate along with a list of known effective community and faith-based resources. If a particular applicant is determined to be appropriate for more in-depth community support or mentoring those connections are made between the Community Chaplains and Re-entry Liaisons and the inmate prior to release.

Community Level: At local (county or multi-county) levels Community Chaplains or Coordinators bring together representatives of community corrections, community and faith-based organizations and service providers to form local HGO Councils. These Councils create a cooperative basis from which Community Corrections, ODOC and local communities can prepare for and address issues related to successful reintegration of returning offenders.

Statewide Coordination: The local Councils are represented at the HGO Statewide Steering Committee that meets monthly from six different video sites throughout the State (Portland, Wilsonville, Salem, Eugene, Medford and Bend). The HGO Steering Committee organizes statewide re-entry conferences, addresses the development of local resources for releasing offenders, addresses policy issues affecting offender transition and created a communication network effectively sharing transitional information statewide.

DOC Offender Management & Rehabilitation Home For Good In Oregon (HGO)

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