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A book reading list

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A book reading list

Just wondering what everyone is currently reading, solo or with thier penpal/s?
I have read books by Lee Childs/Dean Kootnz/James Patterson/ HG Wells/Sheri Lapena/Neil Gaimen/Paul Murray some of which I have never heard of or would never consider reading if it hadn't been for several of my penpals. Who are your favourite authors?
I am currently reading The Reacher series (Lee Child) with one of my penpals.
With a Dean Koontz book (Lightening) lined up with two other penpals to follow.
I tend to send books randomly and usually when there is an offer available either discount/free delivery.
I don't have a list for the year set in stone because sometimes life gets in the way. However I did wonder what others are reading in these genres; Suspense/Thriller.
Sci fi.
Thus I can possibly pick another book I might not have considered before.
Reading with a penpal is an enjoyable experience all round, gives us something to discuss and gives us both an escape.
Also I am really happy to learn that the books my penpals finish are passed to other inmates housed in the same unit, then added to the prison library. Not just tossed aside or stored in thier personal possessions never to be read again. This makes me happy. Its a long lasting gift.

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I enjoy reading science fiction and biographies. For me, it is very interesting and developing.