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Magazine subscriptions?

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Magazine subscriptions?

I was thinking about getting my penpal a magazine subscription, something like National Geographic or one of the other nature/science magazines - he hasn't asked me to do so, but it's only 20$ or so and I thought it would be a nice Christmas gift. Will they pass the magazines on, or will it be an issue?

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I've sent two pals I've wrote to in the past magazine subscriptions, I sent Sports Illustrated and Popular Science (that mag got denied periodically for content but he received most of them), I've gone through Amazon to get mine for cheap but really there's so many options! To me, magazine subscriptions are the best because they have something to enjoy through the whole year, not just the one time, that's a fantastic idea and I'm sure your PP will greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for this post actually because I really should send my PP one this year, we've been writing for over 3 and a half years and he's been nothing but awesome, I've been thinking about this for awhile and the holidays is a perfect excuse to do so!

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You can also send subscriptions for free through and Depending upon if there is a restriction on number of magazines you can get quite a lot going.

My penpal donates them to the library when he is done so other inmates can use them. Because of that I sent pretty much anything available even if I don't think he would care about it because presumably someone might care about veganism or diabetes or whatever.

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My penpal has a Nat Geo subscription, sometimes an issue gets denied because of 'inappropriate content' (according to some silly prison rule) but most of the magazines get through.
So, yes, perfect idea for a Christmas gift!

Solitary Pilgrim
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Thanks Oregonian !

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It would be great if the rules allowed prisoners to take online courses on sites such as that would help them learn new things and find good jobs after being released.