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Texas books and magazines

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Texas books and magazines



Hoping someone can help and has a second to answer me.

Can I send a used paperback to prisons in Texas?

Is there a source to anonymously send a magazine subscription? And, is this allowed?


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No, you can  not send books/ magizines from your house directly to a Texas inmate.  This was allowed in the past, but it isn't now.  You can order books from Amazon, or an approved 3rd party seller to send to an inmate. Anonymously? Don't really know, but the inmate I send books to in Beaumont, Texas tells me he receives a slip from the mailroom that he has a book to pick up.  It is just the book, without identifying information like a sales invoice.   

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You can't send them yourself, but you can purchase used books cheaper to send to Texas inmates from websites like Thriftbooks . Com. I've used them a lot for my Texas penpal and he gets the books with no issues.
As far as Magazines, the inmates have no way of knowing who ordered the subscription for them unless you tell them. So if you wanted to do a random act of kindness, there is no way someone would know it's from you. I've ordered tons of subscriptions from Amazon when they have the $1 or $3 sales. Usually you can get pretty much ANY subscription for under $10 a year. And I have no issue entering my pen pals address in the Ship To section. They love getting magazines! Hope this helps!