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I don't know what to do

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I don't know what to do

Hello, in August I sent a letter to a prisoner and I had not had any kind of response until today. I opened my e-mail and saw that I had received an e-mail from JPay saying: 'An Offender has invited you to begin eMessaging!' and below it had the name and prison where the inmate is. What happens is that it is not the inmate that I sent the letter, I checked and he is not even registered on this site. Now I am in doubt if the inmate I sent the letter is trying to talk to me through his friend's JPay or if he passed my contact to him. 
Should I send a message? Is this common? I live in Brazil so I don't worry much.

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Hello. I think you should cancel your account cause remember if there are in jail is for reason . You should be careful 

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Where's his jail?

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Where's his jail?

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Well, I am the curious kind, so I would absolutely email this person to see what is going on. What do you think can go wrong? For me personally, I don't see any problems. The emails go through Jpay, so no one has your personal email address or any other personal information. And if you don't like his message, you can just block him. 

Even now I am curious about this situation! The best of luck with it!

Cleyciane A.
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Now I was worried. I live in Brazil too and I haven't gotten any answers yet. At first, this was my fear of something wrong. Anything, get in touch with me, we take our doubts together. Thanks.

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Would you be interested in writing my brother? His profile is under my page, he's just looking for some pen pals :)