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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

if you use jpay help me please meet you same problem I can't send an email I have this message that appears when I connect"

JPay Email is now eMessaging and only available through Securus Technologies, the parent company of JPay.

Learn More and Enroll.

but the page is empty of the link please the person who uses jpay have you had this problem thank you

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I had the same problem. My penpal in Arizona gave me the solution because I told him I needed an American mailing address and a phone number. He gave me his old address and phone number. I put them in and with my debit card I bought stamps and was able to contact him. 



Hi Kristen,

I am from Hong Kong and trying to email my pp at AZ too. Have you ever figured out a solution to buy stamps in the end?



You have choose an adresse in the us ... all of nowher and you cant pay with your crédit card who you dont have the same adress????


I've had the same exact issue. 

I found a solution I downloaded "securus" because I received an email from jpay asking me to link my account to securus which I did, I was then in the application I bought stamps with my French card and its working, because securus asked me for an American address, I registered an American address and its working for the purchase of stamps, I speak with my PP on securus and everything works Kristen if you need other information do not hesitate because for the moment it works :)

And the first few numbers of your card indicate which country the card is from


I do have a mastercard myself, that's not the problem. The problem is that for AZ you need a prepaid card with an American billing address.


Hi Jena and sorry for the late reply!

I applied for my card online, on their website, yes. I didn’t see anything about it being available in France but I’m positive there is something similar for you too. 

As far as I know, you can make international purchases with a lot of different cards, but MasterCard and Visa being the most commonly accepted in the US. Sometimes there are fees for the currency exchange (not much, but still) and for some cards you have to pay an annual fee so for the cc that I have, there is neither. I’m definitely not the most well-versed when it comes to credit cards (this is my first) but I’m pretty sure someone else on here is!

I tried to look it up for you but most of it, obviously, was in French which I, unfortunately, don’t understand haha

Maybe try to google “free MasterCard/Visa” and check the description for fees you would have to pay (if you want to avoid them). There also are prepaid MasterCards, where you just top up as much money as you want to. 

This is only what worked for me, but someone might have a better idea :-)


Hello DeniseNikita, :-) 

thank you very much I come from France how did you do? were you on a website? can you explain to me please

I’m from Austria and got myself a free MasterCard Gold, about 1.5 years ago, so K and I could use ConnectNetwork’s messaging service in addition to letters. It’s pretty convenient as there are no fees whatsoever, not even for international payments and I had no issues using it for either my CN or the Securus account I set up to have calls, a few months ago.

So I just checked and there are several other providers for free credit cards one can use internationally, at least in Germany and I’m pretty sure you can get these in any other country as well. So that might be an option :-)


I expressed my english badly and bad sorry, I wanted to know if you managed to get securus on the phone ? and if your conversation was positive for us Europeans please thank You


I expressed my english badly and bad sorry, I wanted to know if you managed to get securus on the phone ? and if your conversation was positive for us Europeans please thank You


Hello my friend, I found a "Transferwise" site we can have an American account and transfer money but I'm afraid it will be a scam I can't call securus by phone, can you try? it was possible? Thank You very much kristen


I have no prepaid US credit card, Jena. Therefore I couldn't make myself an account on Securustech.

thank you anna what would you be how i should know her information about the prison because i can't find:)
hello kristen did you manage to buy stamps on securus? I come from europe I am told that my card is invalid on securus please thank you my friend

Salut Jena :) Je sais que avec le covid, depuis l'Italie, les lettres étaient très longues à arriver. Souvent 1 mois. 

Par contre pour quel type de papier, tu devrais regarder le site web de la prison, car certaines prisons acceptent uniquement les cartes postales (c'est bizare...). C'était comme ça dans une prison que je connaissais, uniquement carte postale. Ne met pas de parfum sur la lettre. Et aussi, dans la prison ou j'écrivais, les lettres, ils ne voulaient pas feutres ou "glitters" ou autres stylos fantaisies. J'avais fais un dessin avec des feutres, il a été confisqué :(


Bonne chance :)


I believe that the prepaid card is only available to US citizens. 
I've received one email this morning from one of my guys but still not heard from the other (they're in the same place). 
No option to send prepaid replies nor to transfer stamps as it tells me they don't have emessaging available to them. 
I topped up the Jpay media of the one I've not heard from though so we'll see if I hear anything. 
Annoying, especially so, because they have always had free prepaid replies for some reason in their unit. 
I have been able to buy stamps at least though. 


Je suis prés de Cologne moi-meme, 45 minutes. ;-)

Yes, you can send him a letter with an envelope and stamps, just go to your local post office, they'll be glad to help you out, I'm sure.

Hm, yeah, breaks /interruptions are always the worst when a correspondence just started. The longer you write, the more you know what makes the other one tick and that he or she won't be simply going away. But then again... if you don't write, you HAVE already lost. If you do, the two of you will still have any chances of building a bond, even though it may be slowlier than before. So, just take the leap! :-)

@Farfromhome: I see that Jpay offers now a US prepaid credit card.

I'll admit I'm tempted to get myself one, but... : Does anyone know if it would for Securustech (and thereby AZ email for internationals)? I mean,it wouldn't make any sense to apply for that card, only to find out thereafter it wouldn't work wfith Securustech. In that case I'd rather save myself the money.


Hello kristen I thank you you helped me a lot :) I'm scared because I have to write him a letter I will use the address that has in his profile "write a prisoner" but I'm afraid he will receive it in a long time, get to know us I'm afraid he thinks I have ceased all correspondence with him I’m sad I will write him a letter kristen I can send him in a letter that we buy in post offices? 

Thank You very much my friend (my father and french and life in cologne in germany :) )


I've just linked mine together. An extra charge of up to $3 dollars and stamps are only for that facility from what I can see. And you definitely need a US card linked to a US address 


I was never able to fund the Securus account when they were the phone provider. I had to put it on his books. They say you can use WU but the form you need is not available overseas (at least not in the U.K.). 
Thankfully I have a US card now but I imagine this is going to cause huge problems for many people



(j'ai su que j'ai oublié quelque chose! Pardon.


Je ne peux pas écrire toute de ma response en Francais, je n#en pas parlé et ecrit depuis... 1997. Mais je peux lire le francais et je comprends plus que je puisse parler. C'est probable que je peux te comprendre si tu ecrivais en francais, mais pour moi, il serait plus facile de te donner un reponse en anglais. Que je verra faire maintenanant...

For AZ I always just used white lined paper. It worked well, I never had a letter getting rejected. There were a few letters lost, though. Both from here to AZ and vice versa. We always joked (and still do sometimes) about "letter Bermuda triangle". And before he got a tablet in June, COVID delayed everything seriously. There were three months w/o any word at all and we both were worrying the other had gotten sick. It was damn hard and I'm REALLY not looking foward to get back toletters again. But we've been through writing for almost two and a half years and I'm ready to take another 7 to come. If it has to be that way, it will be that way. I just really loved our (almost) daily exchanges (with very few exceptions) since June and that's sth. I'm really going to miss. Even missing it now already and it hasn't even fully started.

But you should be fined with white and lined paper. Why do you fear losing your pp? Because of the cost for postage? Or anything else?

Je te bonne chance et beaucoup de plaisir et d'amusement en écrivant,



thank you kristen you help me a lot i will have to talk to my pp by letter do you know what kind of letter paper is allowed in arizona? I'm new I come from France neighboring country of germany :) and I'm very afraid of losing my pp thank you very much for your help


Here's what I found on the site (hidden waaay down in the FAQs), I'm quoting this:"Can customers with international numbers and address have an eMessaging™, account?

Yes, eMessaging™, is allowed for international- however, you will need to call Customer Care at 1-800-844-6591 to get started. Once the agent has set-up your contact information and has provided you with Securus online web access, you can log into your online account to set-up the eMessaging™ account.

Please keep in mind that the account must be funded with US funds (US prepaid credit card, MoneyGram, Western Union).

Once logged into your online account- click the eMessaging™ product icon to check availability and sign up."

Of course,I don't possess a US prepaid credit card ( I do have a credit card, but it's not prepaid and it's not an US one), but I'm gonna solve this somehow.



I have my local postcode on there. I've had the account almost 10 years though. 
Apparently the lovely people at Securus are going to charge us on top of the cost of the Jpay stamps. They're just as wonderful as I remember :(


@ Farfromhome: But then you'd have to put a state, don't you? And what do you do with the phone number and the ZIP code? I find it confusing...

@VioletGrey: I sure did/do. We're close.


I have Canada as my country of residence for Securus even though I'm in the U.K. But I need to call them today as my Jpay account has a different email address. 
It goes live tomorrow from what I've read. 
I recall Securus being a nightmare though up to around 6 years ago they were the phone provider for ADOC before ICSolutions. So I'm hoping they're far better this time around  




Sorry to hear that Kirsten :( that's such a bummer since I know how much you were enjoying the ease and speed of JPay with your AZ pal. 


I had this, too, but only for AZ. They got new tablets over there and obviously the administration used that oppurtunity to make it a harder on international pps.

First off, they switched to Securustech, which is mother company of Jpay. So I went there and tried whether my jpay login data would work, which of course, they didn't. So, I tried to make a new account (for Securustech), but couldn't. The only options I could choose from were the US, Mexico and Canada. Being German, this didn't work for me. And they'd only accept US # for their contact info - and I have none.

So; I dread... it'll have to be letters again. Unless there is a way to set up an international account. If so,I didn't find it yesterday evening.

I'm just sad now. They're making it hard, for everyone. My AZ pp has his bd this coming weekend and even if I wrote a letter tonight, it wouldn't be there in time.